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7 Things to Know Before Tinting Home Windows

While most window tinting Boca Raton are lightweight, self-adhesive polyester covers made of Polyethylene terephthalate (a similar polymer used to make plastic water bottles), not all window films are equivalent or deserving of your speculation. Continue to peruse to find out about the various options—just as the advantages and entanglements of tinted home windows—so you can choose whether this window treatment is appropriate for you and how to introduce it with the best outcomes.

1. Various sorts of window film give various advantages.

There are three primary sorts of window tinting in Boca Raton; everyone introduced on home windows for an alternate explanation Solar, Security, and Decorative.

2. Not a wide range of window film are viable with a wide range of window glass.

As indicated in the segment above, various sorts of window films retain differing levels of warmth, which a few windows are prepared to deal with, and others… not really. Most security and home window tinting Boca Raton block little heat and hence don’t put a lot of warm weight on the windows. Check here!

3. Introducing window film could void your window guarantee.

Numerous home window tinting Boca Raton harm their maker to find that they refuted their window producer’s guarantee by applying a window film to the glass sheets. In reality, numerous window producers won’t cover deserts brought about by changing windows with secondary selling window film due to the potential for particular sorts of window film to harm specific kinds of window glass. Notice: You ought to never start tinting home windows without first affirming whether your window maker’s guarantee upholds the utilization of window film.

4. Windows without energy-productive coatings advantage the most from tinting.

More seasoned windows without low-emissivity (low-E) coatings (a thin layer of metal oxide on the glass) that square out heat remain to acquire the most from the energy investment funds managed by tinting. Fresher windows with low-E coatings as of now give homes a proportion of energy proficiency, so your indoor solace and energy reserve funds may not fundamentally increment by applying home window tinting Boca Raton to these windows.

5. Tinted home windows are practical.

It will run you just $2 to $4 per square foot to purchase a secondary selling window film from a home improvement community (see the model on Amazon) and introduce it yourself on your home window tinting Boca Raton. Then, proficient establishment ordinarily costs $5 to $8 per square foot, as indicated by cost directs on ImproveNet, a home improvement arranging site.

6. It’s not difficult to introduce yourself.

Introducing home window tinting Boca Raton yourself is an assignment any homeowner does. Before tinting home windows, wipe them down utilizing a buildup-free delicate fabric wet with an answer of one teaspoon no-tears child cleanser and one gallon of filtered water. At that point, cut a post-retail window film with a utility blade so that it’s ½-inch longer and more extensive than the window sheet you want to color.

7. Tenant cordial options exist.

Sun oriented, wellbeing, and improving window film are sold in three options for perpetual quality:

  • Temporary assortments that can be repositioned or eliminated effectively and neatly (extraordinary for tenants)
  • Semi-permanent mixtures that are removable with some buildup likely gave up on the window from the film adhesive
  • Permanent assortments that are not intended to be taken out

Brightening film is all the more regularly sold as a brief tinting arrangement, making it a possibility for tenants or responsibility phobic home window tinting Boca Raton. In contrast, sun-powered and security film all the more frequently will, in general, be semi-permanent or permanent tinting options, which make them more appropriate for homeowners. Click here for more information: https://www.replacementwindows-match.com/why-should-your-home-windows-be-tinted/

Why should your home windows be tinted?

Why should your home windows be tinted?

The truth is we were only usedto seeing tinted windows in vehicles. We were not accustomed to the fact that it could be used in our homes and offices. So much so that we called people weird for using it when it became popular. Well, I am here to tell you that you have been missing out.

Tinted windows are one of the best things to happen to homes, especially when it is well installed. Window tinting simply refers to the act of applying a transparent sheet of film to your glass window. The films are usually dyed and made of polyester. To get more technical assistance please visit https://southernglassprotection.com/Window-Tinting-Boca-Raton-FL

Now, you might be asking yourself, “What do I stand to gain from tinting my windows?” well, the answer is not farfetched. The benefits of tinting your windows are astounding, and some have been listed below.


There are security window films that will help to protect your windows from burglars and storm damage.

Glare reduction

I love the feel of the sun on my skin during the summer but that’s just it. Its the glare that I find so discomforting. Especially when a movie is on, and it starts blocking your view.In cases like this, you might want to consider falling the curtains or blinds.But then that might make your house too dark.

With Window tints you do not need to worry about that. Using window tints reduces the sun’s glare to the barest minimum. Allowing you to enjoy movies on your TV without have to get up to close curtains.

Why should your home windows be tinted?


Decorative films of various patterns will add beauty to your home. Decorative films are thin and do not absorb heat like the other films,but they’ll surely beautify your home. Click here to get more aesthetics aspect of window tints.


Dark window films will give you all the privacy you want. If your home contains expensive China and other valuables,this is the way to go.

The dark films will help prevent strangers from peering into your home and seeing it’s interiors. Also, instead of frosted windows for your toilets, you can use window tints.

Heat reduction

Window tints have reflective properties. They absorbed over 90% of the sunlight incident on your home.There by reducing heat that goes in. Learn more about energy efficient window attachments.

Lowers the cost of your energy bill

This is one of the best reasons why you need to tint your home Windows.  Like I said before, window films reduces heat. By reducing heat, you wouldn’t need to make use of your home cooling system (Air Conditioner) again.

By so doing, the cost of using the cooling system on your energy bill is reduced. If you have a lot of big windows in your home, you might want to consider solar window films. They’ll make your home more energy efficient especially during the summer.


With the benefits explained above, I hope I have been able to convince youto try window tints. They are relatively inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much.

Also, before purchasing a window film, make sure it is compatible with your window glass. Ask the installation company to inspect your windows first before installing it.

Tinted windows to block sunlight and heat

Tinted windows to block sunlight and heat

Windows are a very important part of any building. They provide our homes with enough natural light and ventilation. In as much we all love that, we all know that sometimes the light entering our homes can become too much. This is usually experienced during the summer. So, how do you overcome this?

The answer is not far-fetched as home tinted windows are the best solution. Most people think that tinted windows are only meant for cars. Well, that is not true. Tints can be installed in both home and office windows. In this article, we would be looking at what window tinting is and its benefits.

What is window tinting?

Window tinting is the use of tiny films to cover windows. These films serves several benefits to users. Some of these benefits include reduction of glare, reduction of sunlight, beautification, and so on.

Types of window films

There are three main types of window films. The type you intend to purchase should depend on the benefits you look out for. Written below is a concise but detailed explanation of the three main types of window films.

  • Solar films: This type of film will come in handy in the summer. Most especially if your home is situated in a sun-soaked area. These films are thick but not as thick as security films.

Tinted windows to block sunlight and heat

Solar films absorb over 90% of the UV rays that are incident on your windows. It also reduces glare and fades to the minimum.

  • Decorative films: These films are the tinniest types of films. They reduce sun glare and UV rays at a minimal rate. They are made from dyes and are mostly used to beautify homes. Decorative films are also relatively cheap. They come in different kinds of patterns including stripes, polka dots, and so on. Quick tip: if your bathroom does not have frosted windows, decorative tints are a good alternative. Learn more about window tints decorative films.
  • Security films: These films are the thickest types of films. They prevent damages incurred by storms on windows. With this window film, burglars can no longer see the contents of your household.

How does window film reduce heat and sunlight?

Like I said before, solar films are responsible for blocking sunlight and reducing heat. Solar films have a reflective exterior that enables absorb over 90% of the sun incident on your windows. By so doing, a very small amount of light and heat is passed through the windows into your home.

This reduction in heat will provide a sort of optimum temperature for your home. No matter how discomforting heat might be, we all need a little bit of it. Another benefit that you stand to gain from using window tint is a reduction in your energy bill. You would not need to use a cooling system as much as you need to without the tints.


The importance of window tinting cannot be overemphasized. Reduction of sun glares and rays are the top benefits of using window tints. Go ahead and install it in your home to enjoy these benefits.

7 things to know before tinting home windows

7 things to know before tinting home windows

Not everyone is intellectually equipped with what they need to know about tinting home windows. For this reason, we decided to get you started with seven important things you need to know about tinting windows.

Types of window films and their purpose

The films used in tinting windows are of different types and have their own purpose. Hence, the films installed in your home windows will depend solely on your choice and the reason you want your windows tinted. Below are the three major kinds of window films and how they benefit your home.

  • Aesthetic films: This is the first because this is the most widely used in homes. It is the thinnest type of window films. What you stand to gain from installing this type of film are privacy and home beautification. This film also reflects minimal heat thereby reducing the amount of heat entering your home. Aesthetic films are usually patterned with stripes, motifs, and so on. You just have to pick the design that most suits your taste.
  • Solar films: As the name implies, solar films absorbent reflect the most minimal amount of heat. They are thick but still thinner than security films. These films will help save costs by reducing your energy bill.
  • Security films: These films are the thickest.They aim to ward off damages caused by heavy-storm and home burglars. The downside to using this type of film is that it doesn’t reduce heat and they are usually plainly patterned.

7 things to know before tinting home windows

Window glasses and window film compatibility

Window glasses and window films are like Arthur and the sword. They must be compatible for them to fit.

There are three types of window glasses namely annealed, heat-treated, and insulating glass windows. The type of windows determines it’s thermal stress. A window with weak thermal stress can be easily cracked by heat. Those types of windows will require a solar film. Although this is just one instance, make sure to ask the installation company before making a choice. Click here for special heat shrink window films.

Windows tinting affects warranty

Tinting your windows might strip you of your warranty benefits.  Because window films might cause damage to windows that they are not compatible with, most windows manufacturer refuse to bear the cost in such cases.

Window tinting saves cost

Yes! This like the foremost reason why most homeowners install window films. Installing window films in your homes especially solar films reduces your energy bill. How? You may ask.

Window tints reduces energy by cooling the home. This in turn prevents you from using home cooling systems.

Window tints improve furniture lifespan

You might not know this but heat causes furniture to wear and tear easily. Reducing UV rays with solar tints will go a long way in preserving your furniture. Even your blinds or curtains and carpets are not left out. Window films also prolong their life span.

DIY installation is possible

Instead of paying for your window films to be installed, you can install them by yourself by following these steps

  1. Clean your windows to remove dust and dirt. Make sure to use a lint-free soft cloth.
  2. Using a table knife, cut the window film according to the size of windows. To be on the safe side add an extra inch.
  3. Remove the adhesive covering from the back of the film and gently place it on your windows. Voila! You have successfully installed your window film.

Price of window films

The cost of window films depends onthe brand and quality. High-quality films tend to be more expensive than their other low-quality counterpart.

In conclusion, these factors must be looked into before considering getting a window tint. If you decide to patronize a window tint company, make sure to ask questions that bothers you about the benefits.